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June 24-28

Guest Speaker: Jerry West

Roxbury Holiness Camp

13763 Cumberland Hwy, Orrstown, PA 17244


Ages 13-18





During all scheduled camp functions and throughout the duration of camp from orientation to departure, all persons are under the jurisdiction of camp rules. This applies to all daytime, evening, and overnight guests. Submission of a camp registration form, approved by a UPCI pastor indicates the camper has read the rules and pledges to abide by the rules.

  1. Campers will respectfully obey any reasonable request of camp staff workers at all times.

  2. Campers are expected to participate in all camp activities as set forth during camp orientation.

  3. Any camper who damages any property will be responsible for the cost of that damage.

  4. Campers will remain on the campgrounds at all times.

  5. Campers who drive will surrender their keys to the camp principal at time of registration. Campers should pick up

    their keys from the camp principal Friday morning at departure time, 1:00 pm.

  6. Male and female campers at no time are permitted to be alone or to touch.

  7. Campers will obey the off-limits rules at all times. (Any facilities and/or properties deemed off-limits by camp staff.)

  8. There will be no visitation of the dorms of the opposite gender.

  9. Campers will maintain a neat and clean dorm room at all times.

  10. No alcohol, tobacco, or other controlled substances will be permitted.

  11. Prior to departure, campers must check with head dorm counselor for room inspections. Dorm rooms must be cleaned and approved by the dorm monitor prior to checking out.

  12. All registered campers must stay in the dorm under the supervision of a dorm counselor on designated times.

  13. Only registered Maryland/ DC Youth Ministries campers will be permitted to participate in camp activities to include meals, recreation, and campers vs. staff events. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

  14. Cellphones will not be allowed for any purpose during service times. We encourage all students to bring their Bible and a notepad to all sessions for note taking. Any cell phone spotted during service will be taken until the end of the week.

  15. All medication must be turned into the nursing staff. Any medication found will be turned in to nursing staff.

  16. No camper is to be in a dorm alone. If you find yourself alone, please find a dorm counselor or camp staff immediately.

  17. Campers at no time should take another campers property

  18. Refunds must be requested before June 11th. There will be no refunds issued after June 11th.


Girls Dress Code: No low-cut blouses or low-cut dresses. Skirts must be below the knees; slits may not reach above the knee. No see-through blouses or dresses. No cap sleeves. No jewelry (earrings, bracelets, or necklaces). No gauchos, pants, culottes, or shorts will be permitted. Shorts may be worn under a skirt for recreational activities. No make-up is to be worn. Shirts with print on them will be subject to censorship by the staff. No tight fitting clothing that immodestly exposes the shape of the body.


Guys Dress Code: No baggy pants dropped on the hip. No skin-tight jeans or shirts. No chains hanging from belts or pockets. No jewelry (earrings, bracelets, or necklaces). No facial hair; young men must have a regular haircut—one that is off the collar and ears. No tank tops, see-through t-shirts, muscle shirts, or shorts of any kind will be permitted. Shirts with print on them will be subject to censorship by the staff. No tight fitting clothing that immodestly exposes the shape of the body.


All campers & counselors MUST read through the rules
before sending in their applications.

ALL who register for camp must present a pastoral consent form
signed by their pastor or an authorized signatory of the pastor
upon arrival on June 24th.

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